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We had a pretty severe storm last night with heavy winds and rain. This am saw water running in the hallway and standing in the dining room area by the left Conner of the room. The the primary issue is we just had new floors installed, and we clearly do know how extensive the damage is for obvious reasons. I can clearly see where water has settled in the seals, on the floors, and carpets. I guess there may be some issues with the new floor since they just finished it yesterday that obviously will be clearer in time.
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User's recommendation: I couldn’t with a clear conscious turn in the four referrals for no amount of money under these circumstances

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Windows Usa Sales Representative Review from Ridgeland, Mississippi

I don't usually post reviews but this was a unique experience.

My experience was almost identical to yours. After a long day at work (Monday) we had a 7:15p appointment that lasted until 9:45. Salesman claimed to be the regional sales manager and not a salesman and would just show me the windows. Gave a flawless demonstration. Quoted me an outrages price of over 7k for 4-2/0x5/0 & 2-3/0x6/0 vinyl windows. I told him no. He then proceeded to tell me my home was perfect to be his feature home. If I would just let him take before and after pictures he would discount my project. But I had to say yes on the spot. He made some calls and got it down to 6300. I said no. He then continues to make more phone calls to lower the price to 5900. I said no. More phone calls. He tells me they can give me most of the windows for FREE and gets it down to $4400. I still say no. In the middle of all this my my wife and 3 year old twins come home and are trying to go to bed. he puts his boss on speaker phone so all 3 of us can have a discussion about lower it again. It's at that point that I tell him he has to leave and that I want to get to my family now. He doesn't get it. He finds evey excuse to stay in the house. All the while I'm taking his things from the table and moving them outside. It wasn't until I got loud and disgruntle that he got the idea, got off the phone and left.

He had a great product and a great sales pitch. But I didn't like the gimmicky feel. I don't like being pushed to make an impulse buy. I prefer to make calculated purchases. This company doesn't allow for that. They want to swoop in, woo you and make the sale. If they would have given me time to consider I would have likely bought as I'm deeply in need of a window upgrade. I have 40yr old single pane aluminum windows. Eek!

Windows USA Reply:
We are sorry for your experience. Our company’s focus is to always exceed any consumer’s
expectations regarding the quality of our product and the quality of service with all of those
associated with our company. Our company’s long standing recognition for consumer
satisfaction is paramount to our mission as a window and door manufacturer. We would like
to learn more regarding any dissatisfaction that you feel and would like the opportunity to
discuss this situation and would welcome the opportunity to regain your satisfaction. From
more than 500 employees and associates of our company, we are proud, honored, and
privileged to have been considered for your window and/or door needs and our hope is to
exceed any expectations that you have moving forward. Please contact Jennifer O’Neal,
Customer Service Manager, at your convenience and please accept our sincerest apologies
for your disappointment. Thank You.
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Reason of review:
Poor customer service

I am an attorney (in Mississippi) looking into filing a class action suit against Windows USA. Please give me a call at 601-853-**** if you have had any problems like those listed in this comment.

This commenter is NOT alone.

This is not a solicitation of legal services. I am seeking to learn more about the business practices of Windows USA.

Thank you for your time.

-Macy Hanson



I also had man come to my house and gave and estimate of 21,000 to replace my windows. I just had my house painted and window reglazed and told them I was no longer interested in replacing my windows.

They insisted on coming anyway so I figured I would listen and see. We loved the presentation and feel the windows are very good but the price is crazy. He said there is a promotional price of 17,000 at this time but wouldn't give us a week or so to think about it. The price was then lowered to 15,000.

Still we said we can't afford it at this time and would need to wait about six months. Still he insists we purchase the Windows and calls the office and they lower the price to 13,700. Still pushy and won't give us time to think about it but guarantees the price of 21,000 for 1 year. He said the promotion is due to the materials being purchased at a special rate and they material can't be guaranteed to remain in stock.

So my husbands says well let us think about it and we will call you next week. Still he says I can only give you the price of 13,700 right now tonight. Schetchy is all I have to say! They have a great product and awful salesmen.

I don't like to be pressured and scared into a big purchase. If I go to buy a car and they give me a good price as long as they still have the car I can get it at that price, so why can't they do the same.

I am not sure I would trust the installation if I can't trust the salesman. I felt abused after this man left my home.


I agree completely. The salesman said he was a manager & he kept calling a boss & lowering the price.

All this made me have a feeling of distrust.

Had to practically run him off.

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Rude Windows Staff

I keep getting "Windows" staff calling me about 10 times a day to "fix my windows problem". I never call them.

Today, I just had another one call me and they all have the "Same Accent", they don't seem to understand when I say No thank you or I don't need your help. I had one today that started questioning me as to why I say No. This is every time that I receive a call from them. They just don't seem to understand the word "NO" I am speaking perfect English as I was born in the US and I am an educator.

He just said *** you" and hung up. I can't block the number on my phone as it is always a different number. This is very upsetting. I have my own IT guy that I have used for the last 4 years and I don't need anyone else getting into my computer.

Who do these people think they are? They are always rude and aggressive, but today was the worst person I have every talked to.

Windows USA Reply:
Unfortunately, this review is not connected with our company as indicated. This is NOT our company as we do not sell, service, or market in this region of the country. If possible, please contact our customer service department to provide more details.
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Reason of review:
Not as described/ advertised
Preferred solution:

Let the company propose a solution

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This company is Windows USA, Windows for your home. Not Windows for your computer. They are made in the USA.

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