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It is with tremendous disappointment that our company must issue a response to the baseless, untrue, and inaccurate claims that are included within this posting. In most cases, our company’s protocol would be to refrain from challenging any incredulous remarks that are
posted with the malicious intent to cause harm to our company’s longstanding reputation. As a premier manufacturer of windows and doors, we are proud to have manufactured more than 3,000,000 windows and doors that have been installed in more than 250,000 customer homes across our country. Our company is completely and totally committed to each and every consumer’s satisfaction and work diligently to always exceed all expectations in the quality of product and service experience throughout our company. Unfortunately, we also find ourselves in very unfair and untruthful situations with allegations that are published for the sole intent to damage our outstanding reputation through online consumer blog sites that are often published by competitors or individuals with an agenda to cause discredit and doubt in the integrity of our company, an integrity with a strong foundation to stand for what’s right and do what’s right for all customers. If you wouldlike to learn unbiased, accountable information regarding the business practices and reputation of our company, we strongly encourage the contact of reputable organizations such as the Better Business Bureau, whom can provide factual information, not propaganda that cannot be verified from unknown online sources. We are very proud of our more than 500 employees and associates that understand that the trust and confidence of each and every consumer is an honor and privilege providing us with the opportunity to do what we love –With that said, we stand firm in our commitment to represent each and every customer with the commitment to satisfaction that they entrust and deserve from each and everyone of us. Thank You

Unbelievable. Jim Williams was the name of the person who came to our home. He said he was the vice-president and one of the original owners of the company. Very, very pushy, corny jokes, took over three hours from the time he arrived and measured to get a price.

When we said we weren't ready to buy yet, we didn't know that Jim Williams had only just begun. He called one of his subordinates, who got on the phone with us and basically belittled and talked to us as though we had a 5th grade education. Completely insulting. This went on back and forth for another hour. Jim ultimately tried to make us feel guilty by implying that we had committed to purchase just by setting an appointment! He said his appointment secretary, Mike Albritton, had driven him five hours out of his territory just to see us!! Really?

The worst part was that during the entire demonstration, Jim had gas. A bad case. Yet never excused himself from the room or apologized. The entire experience was nerve wracking and unsettling to say the least.

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Hixson, Tennessee, United States #1169125

Sure would like to know if "Window Man" out of Phoenix, AZ is in the business or just an individual commenting.

Window Man
Phoenix, Arizona, United States #777605

The commenters on here are way off base.The company offered the $$ for the opportunity to pitch their product.

$100 is a small price to pay to get in front of a customer. If you're in the market for such a product, it makes no sense to turn down the money. So, Windows USA blew the opportunity with the way their sales rep conducted himself.

The consumer is not obligated to purchase or withhold their negative opinion of the experience.Sounds like a bunch of jilted Windows USA reps to me.

Trenton, New Jersey, United States #654135

So, they gave you $100 to have them in your house to try to sell you something you are obviously interested in, otherwise you would not have contacted them. And now you're mad because he tried really hard to sell you some windows. It sounds like you just don't know how to deal with salespeople.


This does NOT sound like the Jim Williams that came to our home.Big guy, built like a fire hydrant, face like a bulldog?

Former Navy Seal and part owner?

Has to be the same guy.

We had nothing but a pleasant experience, windows expensive, but company did everything they said they would do, and we will send the referrals in like we have been ordered to.

to Lou Werner Roswell, New Mexico, United States #604946

:sigh :) i think these people complaining are the childish ones.they just want sumthing 4 nuthin.windowsusa and the salesman RON WEEKS.ARE AWESOME.

to Lou Werner Raleigh, North Carolina, United States #624314

You were ordered to send in referrals??? Is that part of the deal?


I think that Darby is a pissed competitor of Jim's and is faking his complaint as a consumer. Jim visited and sold us in South Arkansas recently and the windows are exactly what he said that they were. I think the only gas Darby smelled was his own vile comments and bull *** put on this website!


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