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I recently set up an appt with Windows USA to get my entire home replaced with brand new windows throughout $7800. I live in Alabama and the company I dealt with was based out of Atlanta. Windows USA sent 3 white men to my home at the time of my appt at 8am. The three men worked for 8hours to replace all of the windows in my home which looks great by the way. However, once the 3 men left after the job was complete I realized shortly after that... Read more

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I don't usually post reviews but this was a unique experience. My experience was almost identical to yours. After a long day at work (Monday) we had a 7:15p appointment that lasted until 9:45. Salesman claimed to be the regional sales manager and not a salesman and would just show me the windows. Gave a flawless demonstration. Quoted me an outrages price of over 7k for 4-2/0x5/0 & 2-3/0x6/0 vinyl windows. I told him no. He then proceeded to... Read more

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I keep getting "Windows" staff calling me about 10 times a day to "fix my windows problem". I never call them. Today, I just had another one call me and they all have the "Same Accent", they don't seem to understand when I say No thank you or I don't need your help. I had one today that started questioning me as to why I say No. This is every time that I receive a call from them. They just don't seem to understand the word "NO" I am... Read more

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The salesman was great at what he does and I knew out home needed Windows. I never knew that I would be purchasing the Windows through a credit card. I was told my payment would be $159 and I haven't saw that payment yet. My first payment was around $240. I would have NEVER purchased these windows if I had of known this. One very upset customer

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I've read the reviews and we did not receive any high pressure sales. We had researched numerous other windows and although not the cheapest - not the most expensive either. We did end up purchasing and the install went flawlessly. The team was very knowledgeable and they fixed several problem issues without nickel and diming us. They cleaned up after themselves and did everything that was promised. The tilt is easy to open and clean ... Read more

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My husband and I were referred by a family member. We knew we needed new windows but knew going in we would not be buying them soon with a child in college but needed one estimate anyway. Some of the things the other people said was our exact experience. Salesman came to the house 8:45 pm( had 8:30 appointment), gave us $15,000 estimate. Told him no,we could not do it right now. He got on the phone with some manager and told them what good... Read more

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Windows USA has very aggressive salespeople and they will stay till they make a sale.They have a very good product but beware of outrageous starting price.Hang in there and if you get them for half of starting price or ten per cent over half good job you made a good deal.

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Windows USA out of Hot Springs, AR is a borderline scam. Very high pressure sales tactics! They do have a great product but will start off with an astronomical price. They also talk up their referral program and how you get $100 off for every person you refer and they meet with. What they don't tell you is that anyone you refer has to meet a certain criteria for you to get the $100. Like they have to have so many windows or the windows have to... Read more

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If you choose to buy from them ask for 200 dollar walmart card at the last minute or cancel. Ask for immediate quote if your interested in buying windows. Then wait for 4 to 5 different quotes.Just say can't afford it, and watch the price drop as they put you on the phone with someone from there office. Just say I can't and watch the price drop, drop ,drop. However this special deal is limited to tonight only!!! Oh really the price dropped 4 to... Read more

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Window Usa set an appt to come out to see me and the guy did the presentation and gave me a 100 dollar gift card, he said I didn't have to buy anything if I didn't want to but he became very upset because I wouldnt sign a paper then he called his boss and some more peoples with the company like I was a child in trouble I stilled refused he got up and started pacing through my house talking on his phone like he was at home refusing to leave I... Read more

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